Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Allegory and its importance

As I was going through the 3rd degree, I noticed the importance of allegory, especially near the end.  UGLE states that "Freemasonry teaches self-knowledge and moral lessons, through participation in a progression of allegorical two-part plays".

So using the term 'Self-knowledge' - this shows that Masonry asks us to first understand ourselves, through this attempt to concentrate on what makes us who we are (a concentration on individualism).  Julian Rees states "Freemasonry provides a path to be followed in progressing towards the sacred center, to discover the mystery of the self and the spark of divinity within" - (Julian Rees - Freemasonry An Approach to Life)

All of you who are Masons who have experienced the Tracing Board lectures (unfortunately in the Irish Constitution we don't explain the Tracing Board's - so I am relying on my reading of the lectures to understand what is said) know that within the First Degree lecture there is a specifc mention of the human center ("the circle bounded between  the North and South by Parallel Lines.etc etc..likewise on the Sacred Volume, and while a mason keeps himself thus circumscribed, he cannot err".)

We as Masons are being asked to look inside ourselves, to be aware of our own nature, our virtues and vices, so we can be sure of ourselves in relation to others - to be aware of our vices that we might use the VSL and the divine commands and words of the Architect to help shape us into a perfect ashlar.

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