Monday, 13 December 2010

Morals and Dogma - Chapter 2 continued

"In your studies as a Fellow-craft you must be guided by REASON, LOVE and FAITH"

Wise Bro. Pike expounds these as the 'bed-rock' of human existence and indeed the basis for all practical knowledge. To me each of these aspects of human moral character can be seen as gifts from the divine.  We have reason to help us understand the world around us, the greatest exponant of Reason perhaps being either Geometry or Retoric (two of the seven Liberal arts, as far as I remember).  Geometry to help create and understand the mystical connection between 'idea', 'design' and practical creation, Retoric to explain concepts and project our ideas to others, Retoric helps us explain, so others can collaborate - and perhaps be similarly inspired.

Love, as is poetically put by C.S. Lewis - "A Reassurance for man to know that he is not alone".  None of us would want to live without this gift, this is the gift that brings forth the noble charitable aspects of man, this gift gives us hope and strength - as does th gift of Faith.  Everything we do in and out of lodge should be motivated by love, our fraternal bond is the purest expression of brotherly love that we can express.  Think of it this way, in lodge we sit with a wide range of people, people similiar and people incredibly different, yet we all have common accord.  In Belfast we are lucky enough to have an active 'festive board' period after lodge, heading out for a steak dinner or an Indian, EVERYONE looks forward to these events, we all sit round and enjoy our company, catching up with Brethern, chatting and sharing all that has happened in the last month.

A Festive Board to me is a family occasion, If  may be so crass to share a personal aside - My concept of creation is not just of an impersonal Geometrician, as some imply of  Masonry (I personally believe that Masonry through it's teaching expounds a personal deity, interested in his creation - hence why, I call all these aspects celestial gifts), I believe, from my Christian context, that creation began from the love emanating from the Father to the Son and to the Spirit, through this joy, laughter and love, creation began.

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