Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Path of the Individual

Glancing through the Retrospect last night, I noticed that it discusses a a Masonic view of the individual

 - We are helpless as we enter life and we need the help of others to survive in this life

 - We enter this world as equals, not in terms of physical abilities or mental atributes or material prosperity, but in terms of our mortality.

        All Freemasons will remember why their eyes were covered and the explaination given for such after

 - Because we all enter life in a state of mortality, we need to support each other, this is the reason for charity and fraternal support for each other - especially in times of distress

              The lesson in the Irish second degree regarding the 'Masonic penny'

 - Self development is achieved by the expansion of the intellect through the study of nature and science and the application of reason.

             The 'Liberal arts'..

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